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Your Holiday in Sardinia

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Travel ideas and possible itineraries to visit Sardinia

Sardinia is a region to be experienced all year round, nature has created natural works of art sculpted by the wind, and each month reserves unique experiences:

summer for its splendid beaches, but in autumn and winter for its wonderful festivals, and for its culinary products.

The contact with an uncontaminated nature unique of its kind will surprise you, with the desire to return.

Many celebrities have been struck by the sore of Sardinia. Some have no longer left like Gigi Riva, Fabrizio De André, to go to the past with Garibaldi, hero of the Two Worlds who moved to Caprera.

In Sardinia you will find many archaeological sites.
An open-air museum awaits you, between Nuraghi, Sacred Wells and Tombs of the Giants, has a thousand-year history, historical periods, up to the present day.

These are the pre-Nuragic, Nuragic, Phoenician-Punic, Roman, Byzantine, Giudicale, Aragonese and Spanish periods.

The nuragic village of su Nuraxi which dates back to the nuragic age and is one of the largest villages on the island is located in the province of Medio Campidano in Barumini, and was recognized by unesco in 1997 as a world heritage site.

On the island we will find several nuragic sites no less important.

In addition to the authentic farmhouses, the hospitality of the Sardinian people is renowned. You can spend a relaxing stay in one of the many farmhouses on the island often surrounded by woods, olive groves, oaks, immersed in nature surrounded by pastures, where you can taste dishes of salami, honey, pecorino, managed by the family.

Carthaginians, Romans and Aragonese have left their mark on Sardinian cities, including Alghero, Cagliari, Oristano, Iglesias, Olbia historic cities, each with its own beauty and characteristic.

We find mountain villages, in the hinterland of the island with enchanting sceneries, with flavors of other times, villages inhabited by people who are proudly handed down, customs and dialects from generation to generation.

Coastal paths, perfect for hiking or biking, gorges and bays for outdoor activities.

The islands and beaches of Sardinia offer breathtaking landscapes from turquoise to emerald green, where you can swim or relax on a beach of fine white sand, such as the national park of the archipelago of La Maddalena, made of granite, and the Asinara island from a rich wildlife and its white donkeys.