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Categoria: Centre of Sardinia

Here in the center of Sardinia, the magic is in winter, spring and summer.

You can visit the Nuragic village of Tiscali, the Gorroppu Canyon.
Then passing through the villages that bring on stage, ancient rituals of the Sardinian tradition, between festivals and celebrations.

Here for the Cortes Apertas of autumn in Barbagia, in which 26 villages are involved, in every weekend there are manifestations of art, tradition, and customs and traditions.

As a result, in this area you can immerse yourself in the most ancient traditions on the island, you live another Sardinia, the most authentic one between breathtaking landscapes with pristine forests, waterfalls and rivers, and local traditions linked to the flora and fauna of the area.

Also you can taste a good glass of Cannonau wine, or chestnuts and hazelnuts and cheeses.

Don’t miss also desserts, roasted meat or local cold cuts.

Gennargentu, the heart of the island between nature and tradition

The splendor of Gennargentu has been told in many verses of wonderful poems. Two very famous poets are from this

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Barbagia, land of traditions and history

It is often referred to as the heart of Sardinia. This area is the wildest part of the island, it

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Nuoro, City of Artists and Poets, Monuments and Museums.

Nuoro is very famous for the Redentore festival, held on the last Sunday of August.All Sardinian folk groups gather and

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