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Who we are

My idea of creating this platform totally dedicated to Sardinia was born to promote the island and its local activities.

The intent is to make this magical land known at 360 °, both in Italy and abroad, giving due importance to all the resources of the territory, making uses, customs and traditions known throughout the year.
Becoming in this way, a great promotional showcase for all of Sardinia, and its commercial and non-commercial activities.

By combining years of experience in tourism and a matured knowledge of IT, internet and marketing, and thanks to the help of expert people, was born in the Italian version and in English.
The latter dedicated to foreign users, which in recent years has shown a great increase in interest and curiosity about the island.

So spotlights on the real and authentic Sardinia, and not just on the already well-known tourist areas.

I hope that many of you will contribute to this project with my same enthusiasm.

Rubina Loi