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Categoria: North East Sardinia

The north-east of Sardinia is famous for its life between the sea, elegant squares and wonderful coves.

This area is very popular for both the Costa Smeralda and the surrounding area.

A wonderful paradise between beautiful coves with fine sand and landscapes to admire.

Gallura and the north east coast of Sardinia are the spearheads of this part of Sardinia.

From the elegant boutiques and nightlife of Porto Cervo, to the naturalistic paradise offered by the marvelous beaches of the Maddalena archipelago.

Not to mention the wonderful Capo Testa or the Rena Bianca and Rena Majore beach.

Here you can see other famous attractions such as the turtle rock, a bear-shaped rock and why not take a nice boat trip?

You can visit the island of Tavolara on the island of Caprera.
In short, thousand and one wonders await you, here is truly a great paradise, a dream come true: Sardinia.

Budoni, a wonderful village.

Budoni, characterized by a splendid stone village, is enclosed by the hills that surround it. Here you will find the

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Here we move through Gallura.The main productive industry of Gallura is tourism, in fact from here different itineraries are possible.

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Olbia, Costa Smeralda and Gallura

The Costa Smeralda is Sardinia’s most VIP attraction, in fact every year many people known to the general public flock

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Olbia, an enchanting city

History It was founded by the Carthaginians in the 5th century BC. This part of the coast was the scene

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Santa Maria Teresa di Gallura, an earthly paradise

Some curiosities Santa Teresa di Gallura is the northernmost town in Sardinia, in the province of Sassari with about 5000

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