Olbia, Costa Smeralda and Gallura

Costa Smeralda, Olbia and Gallura Itinerary

The Costa Smeralda is Sardinia’s most VIP attraction, in fact every year many people known to the general public flock to these beaches.

Founded in the 1960s at the behest of the Aga khan, this has become a destination for celebrity tourism.

It’s easy to see big yachts and famous people from all over the world here.

Gallura, on the other hand, is wilder and is a destination for tourists who love windsurfing and nature in the Maddalena marine reserve.

In the hinterland we can meet vineyards, villages and nuraghi from the Bronze Age.

For those who love Sardinia and this area in particular, we recommend that you eat in one of the farmhouses in the area, where you will appreciate local delicacies in a natural environment full of unique beauties that characterize this region.


It is one of the main cities of Sardinia, booming in recent decades. has seen an important demographic development.

With an area of ​​383.64 square kilometers, it extends into the surrounding plain bordered by a mountain range, and overlooks the Gulf.

It is often ignored by tourists who are eager to reach the Costa Smeralda.

Olbia is actually a very pleasant city.

Walking through its historical center, you can admire small squares, wine bars, boutiques and pleasant bars, with tables where you can sit and converse pleasantly.

In addition, in the various streets of the center, characteristic restaurants await you with unique cuisine.

In mid-May, a costumed procession celebrates San Simplicio the patron saint.

The church of San Simplicio is considered the most notable medieval monument in Gallura.

No less important is the Baroque church of San Paolo.

The city overlooks the Marina di Tavolara air and has access to the exclusive Costa Smeralda, destination of celebrities from the world of entertainment and pharaonic yachts.

Other wonders in Costa Smeralda

Poltu Quatu is one of the centers of the Costa Smeralda, richer in boutiques and restaurants, just 3 km away you can reach Baia Sardinia. Just off the Costa Smeralda from which it is possible to admire beauties similar to the Costa Smeralda.

Cannigione arose as a fishing village in 1800 and more accessible than the rest of the Costa Smeralda, it is a holiday destination where many tourists prefer to spend less money, having similar landscapes available

The most beautiful beach in the north is Tanca Manna.

Arzachena inside the Costa Smeralda is a place rich in archaeological remains.

From a place dedicated to pastoralism it has become a place of entertainment, this transformation took place around the 1960s.

Another center worth mentioning in this area is San Pantaleo, a destination for artists, full of galleries and art shops.

North of Gallura we find the most beautiful landscapes of Sardinia. From Palau it is possible to reach the Maddalena archipelago, here is also Santa Teresa di Gallura

Due to the strong winds, this area is very popular with Wind surfers and kitesurfers where they can compete in these specialties at the Bocche di Bonifacio.

Built by the Savoy family in 1808 as a garrison against smuggling, it is now a major tourist destination.

In fact, many Corsicans settled in this area and a mixed language with southern Corsico is still spoken today.

Let’s remember the white sand beach. Seaside area of ​​Santa Teresa di Gallura.

The La Maddalena Archipelago National Park, established in 1996, is an archipelago of seven islands that constitute the highest points of the connection that once linked Corsica to Sardinia.

The valley of this union is now flooded by waters and are precisely the mouths of Bonifacio.

To protect the habitat of this area, a marine park under joint management between France and Italy was created.

The Island of Maddalena

The island of La Maddalena is located in front of Palau. It is made of pink granite and has been the naval base of the Sardinian Piedmontese State since 1767.

Building the port still in use in Cala Gavetta.

The island of Caprera, an extraordinary place where Giuseppe Garibaldi lived, it is possible to visit his home.

It was completely bought in later times by Garibaldi who returned there after his adventures in the name of freedom.

For kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiasts we suggest Porto Pollo and Isola dei Gabbiani.

Finally Tempio Pausania, founded by the Romans in the 2nd century BC. today it is the capital of the province with Olbia, and experienced the Spanish and later Piedmontese domination.

Today it offers interesting trekking in the region among the cork oak forests.

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