Oristano – Land of ancient times

Oristano Landscape

Oristano and its surroundings are one of the areas of high cultural interest on the island.

What to see in Oristano

Oristano as a medieval center is very attractive.
The Sinis Peninsula with its Roman remains.

Many nuragic temples scattered over this area make it unique in its kind.
There is no shortage of enchanting beaches, wonderful and heavenly.

On the slopes of Monteferru the mountain villages are to be visited.

A few hints of history

In the eighth century BC the Phoenicians colonized the west coast, and here they founded Tharros.
Later with the Romans until 1070 AD. it became the capital of the west coast of Sardinia.

The continuous Saracen attacks forced the inhabitants to move to the interior of the coast, where they founded the current Oristano.

Thus became the capital of the Giudicato of Arborea one of the four independent provinces of Sardinia.
Eleonora D’Arborea is considered the Joan of Arc of Sardinia.

As long as she was alive the city fought against the Spanish forces.

Upon his death from the plague, the anti-Spanish opposition was crumbled and the city became part of the Aragonese kingdom which marked its decline in terms of trade, famine and plague.

With this sword
those of my home and my ancestors
they conquered the Giudicato and these lands
and with this (sword) I will defend them
with strength and courage.

The economic recovery began in the twentieth century when the connection between Cagliari and Porto Torres was made

A visit to Oristano means immersing yourself in a medieval environment in which baroque buildings also stand

The Mussolini reclamation of the Oristano area created a surreal environment where several villages and agricultural centers arise

Among the Nuragic and cultural centers of the area we suggest the giants of Monte Prama.
Sandstone made between IIIX and IX century BC

They are of considerable size about 2.50 m are giants with eyes full of energy that with the circles they recompose symbolize power and magic to date, archaeologists have reassembled 25 statues and 13 models of nuraghi

One of the area with the most beautiful beaches on the west coast is the Sinis peninsula
Isaruttas one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia composed of quartz, which in past times were taken and transported to the Emerald coast to enrich the beaches of this area.

Fortunately, these practices are prohibited today.

Between sea and history

The most visited beach by the inhabitants of Oristano is Marina di Torre Grande.

An interesting building to see along this beach is the 16th century Aragonese Watchtower.
Do not miss a visit to Tharros, which saw the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians and finally the Romans.

We can admire the remains of this city.
Not far away are the 6th century Byzantine remains and the 11th century church of San Giovanni di Sinis, one of the oldest in Sardinia.

The Montiferru area Rich in mountains, interesting to visit during the summer period with its highest peak being Monte Urtigo of 1050 m.

In the surroundings of Oristano there are cork and chestnut trees, oaks.
Along with badgers, hawks and buzzards can also be found in European mouflons, red deer and wild boars.

Oristano Birds

Also nearby you should definitely visit Bosa.

Founded by the Phoenicians in the 12th century by the Malaspina family, the castle was built and here too it is possible to find Aragonese remains that mark the Spanish time.

You will see a colorful center, reminiscent of abstract paintings of the early twentieth century.
After a walk on the beach about 1 km long you will notice at the end, the majestic Aragonese tower built in the sixteenth century.

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