Orosei, and the Gulf of Orosei

On the central-eastern coast of Sardinia, a tourist resort in the Baronia, a fairytale place that unites the pristine coasts to the mountains.

The Gulf of Orosei together with the Gennargentu massif are a regional park.

Orosei inhabited by about 7000 residents is a small town in the Baronie and is located in the Cedrino Valley about 2 km from the sea.

Some information on the place

Agriculture, marble extraction and above all tourist services and accommodation facilities are the engine of the economy.

It is a very lively town both day and night, its 20 km long coastline of Caribbean beaches is alternated with overhangs.

At 11 km from the center we meet Cala Liberotto loved by surfers and diving enthusiasts, it is framed by wonderful coves with a turquoise sea.

We recommend that you visit the Alinos Pond, inhabited by migratory and sedentary birds.

Not far away you can reach Cala Ginepro with sand mixed with pebbles.

Not to be missed

And again Su Barone, an enchanting beach that is part of the Marina di Orosei, a beautiful 5 km long beach.

To the south you will see another pearl, namely the wide and long Su Petrosu beach and Cala di Osalla, a beach surrounded by greenery halfway with Dorgali, famous for its seabed.

To the north we meet Fuile`e Mare, where wonderful pine forests are the setting.

And then again Mattanosa, a beach of very white and pink sand, and the oasis of Bidderosa, a natural bay made up of 5 fine sandy coves overlooking an emerald sea.

Behind it junipers, Mediterranean essences and European eucalyptus.

A bit of history

In these parts you will find many churches.

17 consecrated ones including the Baroque Church of San Giacomo which is celebrated on 25 July.

The Church of the Souls, with a wooden pulpit from the 18th century and the Church of Sant’Antonio, with frescoes from the 1400s, to which the fires of Sant’Antonio Abate are lit on January 16th.

In Orosei and its surroundings you will encounter many prehistoric testimonies.

The most significant are the Nuraghe Rampinu and the village of Sa Linnarta.

Also not to be missed is Sa Prejone Vezza, an old Spanish prison and the museum of Don Nanni Guiso with its collection of miniature theaters from all over Europe kept in the Palatzos Vetzos.

Here we can also admire a portrait by Alberto Moravia and a work by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

The holidays are very much felt in particular the rites of the Holy week on Easter day.

In May, Sant’Isidoro and Santa Maria e mare are celebrated with very spectacular processions. There is no shortage of festivals full of flavors.

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