Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Sardinia is the first question that arises when organizing a stay on this beautiful island.
Search among the available accommodations, using the filters.

Where to sleep in Sardinia can be anything but an easy choice.
This is because its territorial extension is often not adequately considered.

Deciding the right place takes on a fundamental value, as it will be the base from which to explore the surroundings.

So it will be a strategic choice, to be considered with the right attention.

Here you will find some useful tips on the best areas to sleep.

  1. In which places to stay?
  2. Where to sleep in Northern Sardinia?
  3. Where to sleep in Southern Sardinia?
  4. Where to sleep on the West Coast of Sardinia?
  5. Where to sleep on the East Coast of Sardinia?
In which places to stay?

For lovers of the sea, the choice could focus on very famous locations such as the Costa Smeralda.

Here, an emerald sea awaits you, from which it takes its name, and areas such as Porto Rotondo or Porto Cervo, famous for tourists.
But also Alghero, Castelsardo or Villasimius in the South.

Depending on the city you will encounter different scenarios, which all deserve to be visited.
You can combine the sea with the cultural visits of the various cities.

If you love scuba diving you cannot miss visiting the Gulf of Orosei.
If you prefer a more relaxing and peaceful holiday, you should prefer places like Nuoro, Oristano, Bosa.

Where to sleep in Northern Sardinia?

Sleeping in Northern Sardinia is a good choice.
This part of the island offers various possibilities and attractions.
Surely the North East area of Sardinia boasts among the most famous beaches on the island.

It is here that we find beautiful beaches of fine white sand, breathtaking views along with elegant boutiques of Porto Cervo.
Another very popular town is Palau from which you can visit the Maddalena Archipelago and its beautiful beaches.

Still here you can sleep in Olbia, or sleep in Budoni.
Otherwise you can opt to sleep in San Teodoro or sleep in Santa Maria Teresa di Gallura.
Sleeping in the North West area of Sardinia is just as comfortable to visit wonderful beaches and cities here too.

You can choose to sleep in Castesardo, or sleep in Alghero or even stay overnight in Bosa. From here you can visit wonderful beaches such as Stintino and La Pelosa.

Where to sleep in Southern Sardinia?

Staying overnight in southern Sardinia is an excellent choice for visiting Cagliari, the capital and its surroundings.

If you decide to sleep in Cagliari, you can easily visit Pula, Sant’Antioco, Villasimius.
And also push you towards Carloforte and the Costa Rei.

Among other things, in this area you cannot miss to visit the famous archaeological site of Barumini and many breathtaking beaches.
Baia Chia beach, Santa Margherita di Pula beach, Poetto beach and the famous Porto Pino.

Where to sleep on the West Coast of Sardinia?

The west coast is renowned for its wonders such as the Gulf of Oristano, the Costa Verde and Sinis.

Sleeping in Oristano allows you to visit its wonderful surroundings.
Crystal clear beaches and unique views.
Do not miss the Sinis Peninsula with its wonderful paradise.

Where to sleep on the East Coast of Sardinia?

Here it is advisable to sleep on the Costa Smeralda, the most famous area for beaches and nightlife.

If you decide to sleep on the East Coast, you can choose between the numerous accommodations in Olbia, or between holiday homes in Palau, or a hotel in Porto Rotondo.
This part of Sardinia is renowned for its naturalistic beauties that offer heavenly landscapes.

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